Master Key System

        Do you need to access a large number of locks but don’t want a large set of keys? You would definitely benefit from a professionally installed 'Keyed-Alike' system or a Master Key system.

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        The Master Key System service is designed for hotels, schools, B&B’s, blocks of flats. Here you receive a set of keys, each opening only one specific lock; and a master key, which can operate all of the locks within the system.

Master Key System
Keyed Alike Service

        By entrusting the master key with an authorized person of your choice and supplying everyone else with a key or keys for a limited number of locks, you can control and greatly improve the security within your premises.
People who take advantage of the master key system are managers and administrators of retirement homes, schools, and managed accommodation.
This system reduces the inconvenience of dealing with lost, stolen or unreturned keys.
For added security, ask about restricted key systems.

To discuss the Master Key System further in relation to your specific requirements please call Martin on 01406 709089 or 07767 476101 or complete our Enquiry Form.